Monday, December 1, 2008

Advice for DA

So…in an extremely disturbing case of déjà vu, a struggling Brows Quarterback got hurt & some fans cheered. Player gets upset. The knee-jerk opinions are the fans are classless jerks, and pity the poor player who is just trying his best under trying circumstances.

A bit of perspective is in order.

First off, the victims here are the fans, not Derek Anderson. The fans are the ones that have shelled out the $50 for the ticket; during an extremely disappointing season & in an economy where the purchase of pro football tickets cannot be a very high priority. That money could be far better used for like, oh I don’t know, maybe Christmas gifts or simply paying bills. Instead, they spend it to watch the Browns play football. Very lousy football.

Secondly, has DA considered why the fans cheered? Does he have the ability to look in the mirror & ask whether HE’S the reason that the ‘fans don't like him’ as he put it? Does he really think that he was doomed to be the bad guy just because the team drafted Brady Quinn? Psychologists call this a ‘victim mentality’ in that a person never looks at how he contributed to a situation but rather how he has been victimized by it.

Lemme help him out. The fans booed you, DA, because they were fed up with your mediocre play & were relieved that they did not have to witness any further of it. An excuse for their behavior? Perhaps. But an understandable one for anyone who cares to put themselves in the shoes of a Browns fan for five minutes.

A pro player that in any way shape or form blames the fans for anything lives in a bubble. And here’s DA’s bubble: He is a very wealthy young man playing a game. The reason he’s wealthy are those booing fans that chose to spend their money on tickets. All his medical bills will be paid for in full – no co-pays, no premiums. He will heal & be healthy in the span of about two months. He will be 25 years old with a number of suitors willing to give him a lot of money for his skill set. He will be financially set for life.

Meanwhile, those nasty booing fans will, if they’re lucky, go back to their $35k a year jobs & scrape change together to pay the electric bill. If they’re not that fortunate, they will hope they don’t get hurt – not because someone will cheer their misfortune but because the resulting medical bills will bankrupt them since they do not have medical insurance.

So DA got hurt & some fans booed. Here’s my advice to him: Get over it. And be thankful you’re not here in the real world with the rest of us.

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