Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hurts So Good

Don't worry, I am not going to take you on another trip down nostalgia lane by invoking long-lost cheesy rock songs. Polls show that I went over the head of 87 percent of my audience with the Aldo Nova reference a few weeks back.

But you are now humming that John Cougar (after he was & before he became again Mellencamp) aren't ya? "C'mon Baby, Make It Hurt So Good..."

All right All right...I'll get to the point. In the NFL, injuries happen. And I realize that every franchise that drafted Tom Brady has now nominated that for the Most Inane Comment Of The Year.

But my point is, for every Tom Brady that goes down, a Matt Cassel emerges. This is what makes fantasy football such a hair-pulling exercise in vice avoidance...and waiver wire scouring. We are now heading into Week 11 of the NFL season & names like BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Tyler Thigpen and Ryan Torain are cascading off the lips of snake-bitten fantasy owners everywhere. Heck, these guys may even be the players that make the difference in making the playoffs for some fantasy teams.

Tune in this week to FANTASY FOCUS this Thursday, November 13th on Prime Sports Network. Our guest co-host this week is Paul "Crimson Tide" Bogin, a veteran of over 15 years of the fantasy football wars...with the scars to provde it & we're gonna talk about these unsung heroes & how they are reviving the snuffed dreams of fantasy team owners across the globe.
Join us at 6pm! Just go to the Prime Sports Network website -
and click on the Listen Live link. Call in with your fantasy football questions, concerns & dilemmas. Hum a little 'Jack and Diane' and we'll give you bonus points.
- Jerry "Rozelle" Bryan

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